9 Pet Services for 1 Donation

  • The Shelter Fund: Supporting our local animal shelter with repairs, staff, technology, and dog training.
  • Spay/Neuter Vouchers: Free or low-cost spay and neuter for local pets.
  • PAWS Mutt Mitts: Cleaner trails through 150,000 free mutt mitts every year.
  • Muffie Becks MedFund: Financial help for unexpected veterinary bills.
  • Good Dogs, Healthy Community: Trail ambassadors and outreach to promote good behavior.
  • SafePAWS Shelter: A safe haven for pets of victims of domestic abuse.
  • Sean’s Club – Teens Train: Animal-assisted therapy program for at-risk┬áteens, held at our local shelter.
  • Dog Park: Advocates for a permanent dog park in town.
  • Disaster Animal Response Team: Pop-up shelter for local pets during a disaster.
Support local pets, their people, and this community through PAWS of Jackson Hole and our 9 programs. Leverage your gift by donating through Old Bill’s Fun Run for Charities! Give through www.OldBills.org┬áTHIS WEEK before September 15.

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