The summer rush is coming to an end which means your schedule is clear to attend a couple of great pet related events going on this week. On Thursday 9/21 join us for Cocktails & Dog Trails at R park’s 3rd anniversary celebration.  The dog walk starts at 4:30pm.  Let’s see your dogs looking dapper as ever while enjoying the new R Park Dog Loop.

Had enough time logged in with the dogs after Thursday’s walk?  Teton Tails is hosting Lucky’s Place on Friday 9/22 at noon for an adoption extravaganza!  Lucky’s currently has a surplus of kittens and cats so they will be priced at $35 for 1, $50 for 2, which is a MEOWWWWING deal! A couple of available dogs will also make the journey from Star Valley in hopes to charming their way into a chance at a forever home.   In the market for something specific?  Give them a call at 307-883-PETS and they may be able to bring what you’re looking for to the event.

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