Being at the halfway mark of one of our favorite months we thought we’d bring it to everyone’s attention that November is adopt a senior pet month. Check out some of our top picks of local senior pets who are hoping to score a loving home for the holidays.

You don’t have to be rich to be his human, you don’t have to be cool to rule his world, ain’t no particular sign he’s more compatible with, he just wants your extra time and your …(wait for it)…. kiss! Prince is a 7 year old Basenji mix who likes to dog party like its 1999! This trend setter is indifferent to other pups and is just one of those types of dogs who are happy to be… be with you of course. Prince is available at the Jackson/Teton County Animal Shelter, 307-739-1881.

As dreamy as the sight of a gleaming motorcycle on a summer day, Harley just exudes cool. Harley is an 8 year old DMH male who has been in shelter-life for an uncool amount of time and is ready to take his chic cat self to a couch near you! Harley is available at the Jackson/Teton Animal Shelter, 307-733-2139.

Jake Jake he’s our man, who can jump as high as Lebron can! Jake is a 7 year old incredibly spry Dane mix. He gets along well with other dog teammates and loves to adventure outdoors. Jake is available at the Animal Adoption Center, 307-739-1881.

Forever ready to be as classy as 007 in his tuxedo, 10 year old Blackberry was traded into the Idaho Falls Shelter this summer for a newer model. How rude, you say! It didn’t break the suave spirit of handsome Blackberry. Blackberry is available at the Animal Adoption Center, 307-739-1881.

Dubbed the The Biggest Little Pyrenees Mix in the World, Reno dog is ready to hit the jackpot with a new home! Early bird specials, brisk walks around the ‘hood, and watching Seinfeld reruns are on this 8 years young gentlemen’s list of favorite things to do. Reno is available at Lucky’s Place of Star Valley, 307-883-7387

Aw Sugar, bum bum bum bum bum, Aw kitty kitty, bum bum bum bum bum. We dare you to get that out of your memory meow! She’s sweet and spice and everything nice! Sugar is a 6’ish year old female Siamese mix who is available at Lucky’s Shelter of Star Valley, 307-883-7387.

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