New Year’s Eve is one of those holidays us humans love to celebrate that can create some extra stress and anxiety to our fur clad family members.  Here are some helpful tips to keep the four-leggers (or the unique tripod) in your family safe and happy to ring in 2018.

Keep them contained.  If you are hosting a NYE bash know that scared pets may bolt out the door while party guests are entering and leaving your home. Consider closing your cat in a safe, comfortable room or leashing your pup. Hang a sign on the door that instructs guests on your preferred opening and closing protocol (like, “Please come get me before you leave! I’d love to say goodbye and make sure Fifi doesn’t dash!”).  If your pet typically doesn’t wear their collar/ ID tags in the house, consider keeping them on just in case they manage to make a break for it.

Attempt to keep it calm and quiet.  Fireworks and noise makers go hand in hand with NYE and are usually dreaded by our dogs and cats. A pre-celebration brisk walk or feather wand play session will help them go into the night feeling calmer.  If you live in an ear shot distance to fireworks try turning on the TV or playing some calming music. A distraction treat works wonders, have some frozen or interactive treats ready to give them when the booms start. A little lavender oil mixed with water sprayed onto their familiar bed or massaged onto the ear tips will keep them feeling zen.

Have some doggone fun with them.  Include your pets in on the fun with festive treats such as frozen yogurt, pet friendly baked goods, or a savory mocktail of low sodium chicken broth, water, and Parmesan cheese.  Include them in on your New Year’s Resolution especially if it includes to exercise more.  As the clock strikes 12, give your pooch or cat a smooch to ring in 2018. The New Year’s kissing tradition harkens back to superstitions of love. The midnight kiss can supposedly dictate whether you’ll have a lucky, love-filled year… or not. So, who better to smooch than your best friend and most loyal companion.

Paws of Jackson Hole wishes everyone, animal and human alike, a happy and safe New Year!    

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