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If a natural disaster strikes Teton County, PAWS is prepared to care for our community’s pets. PAWS was ready to take pets for Teton Village during the electrical blow down during the winter of 2017, and was also on call during the 2016 fire in Bondurant. . The state-of-the-art Disaster Animal Response Team (DART) trailer is stocked with equipment and supplies needed to care for more than 100 local pets during an evacuation. Provisions inside the trailer allow us to erect a temporary animal shelter, along with food, water, medical necessities, crates, bowls, leashes, administrative supplies and cleaning equipment.

PAWS trains DART volunteers annually in case of emergency. Volunteers learn all the skills needed to run a temporary disaster animal shelter.

Want to become a DART Volunteer or add your name to our Disaster Foster Homes list? Call the PAWS office at (307) 734-2441.