Each year, many local pets go without proper veterinary care for the simple reason that their owner cannot afford to pay the bill. Whether it be an unfortunate accident or an unforeseen illness, sometimes this could mean financial hardship for local families.Hank Becks, a Jackson resident, heard about this issue and made this very important initiative possible. Each year he donates money to PAWS in his late wife, Muffie’s name through Old Bill’s Fun Run. Working in cooperation with Teton County vets, The Muffie Becks’ McDoc Fund helps pay vet bills for stray dogs and cats, as well as provides funding to those individuals who are unable to pay their vet bills.Each year, PAWS is able to help over 70 residents pay unexpected veterinary bills thanks to Mr. Becks’ generosity. Because we have limited funding, we can only provide funding to residents that have lived in Teton County, WY for at least 1-year and the program can only be used one time. If you are interested in applying for this program please download the application below.With your application, PAWS requires one of the following forms of proof of residency: a lease, a mortgage stub, a pay check, a utility bill or a cell phone bill that shows the address that you listed above. We require a copy from 1-year ago and one from the current month.