National Adopt a Cat Month

Ah June, FINALLY! The sunshine is here and the temps are rising, summer is on the horizon! A fun fact about June: It’s National Adopt a Cat month! Allow us to convince you why cats are king…

The All-American Cat
This may be surprising, but out of the *183.9 million pets living in American households, 94.2 million of those pets are of the feline species. This number has jumped up 20.1 million since 2012. What can we say, CATS ARE TRENDING! You’ve heard the saying once you pop you can’t stop when it comes to Pringles potato chips, and the cat keepers of America feel the same way as the average number of cats per cat owning household is 2 (the average hound count per household is 1).

The Economical Itty-Bitty-Kitty-Committee
When it comes to dollars and cents, cats are more economical than dogs. The initial purchase or adoption prices for dogs far surpass cats. Adoption fees for cats typically range from $20-$150 depending on age including their spay/neuter, microchipping, and initial vaccines- a banging (not barking) bargain. Buying a dog from a breeder is still popular and prices range from $300 -$3,000 depending on breed. Buying a cat from a breeder is much less popular than adoption and prices average between $200-$1,200 depending on breed and color. On top of the initial cost, cats eat less, their food cost less, they need less in terms of boarding, grooming, and overall supplies. Cats tend to be smaller in size, therefore, their medical treatment and medication needs are less. In 2018 the average dog owner spent $1,386 on veterinary care per year, while cat owners averaged $890.

The Low Maintenance Meower
Dog guilt is a real thing. When you work long hours, have a social life, and recreate at the Park or Resort on the weekends, usually, Fido gets jipped. Simply put, dogs require a lot more time and maintenance than cats. Cats use litter boxes and tend to graze their way through their day rather than take down a bowl of chow in minutes. There are cats that are more social and do enjoy more hands-on play time, but they can manage being left without human intervention for longer time periods than pups.

The Stress Reducing Purrer
It’s hard to get on Facebook without your feed being flooded with feline antic videos. Cat owners experience many benefits to their mental health. The presence of a cat can reduce anxiety, loneliness, depression, or even frustration. The actual “purr” that your cat makes has a soothing effect on you, immediately making you feel more relaxed.

So, what are you waiting for? Be a part of the kitty revolution and go out and get yourself a feline friend. You won’t regret it! Whatever size, make, and model you want, our shelters have what you’re looking for! Currently, shows 212 available cats and kittens within 100 miles.

* APPA National Pet Owners Survey by the American Pet Products Association.

Check out a few of our staff picks of available cats in our local shelters:

This is a large adult woman. Bathe in the curves of this beautiful lady. While she weighs less than she looks, Fern looks really big because she’s a Main Coon mix which is like wrapping a burrito in cotton candy. Fern is available for adoption from the Jackson/Teton County Animal Shelter, 307-733-2319.

Call Miss Cleo meow for your free feline psychic reading at 307-739-1881. Her operators at the Animal Adoption Center will help you get in touch with her.

Step 1: Watch this infamous commercial
Step 2: Go to the Teton Valley Community Animal Shelter in Driggs, Idaho and adopt Abigail.

He’s salty, crunchy, and addicting. Call Lucky’s Place of Star Valley at 307-887-PETS to ponder Pretzel.