Old Bill’s Fun Run, the nonprofit Super Bowl

Jackson Hole’s version of a nonprofit Super Bowl is quickly approaching! That’s right, Old Bill’s season is upon us. With thousands of attendees, this event boasts the highest participation level of any fundraiser in town!

While the Old Bill’s energy is something humans look forward to, the canine attendees may have a different outlook. If you’ve attended the event before, you know there are an abundance of sugar-fueled kids, food on every corner, loud noises, and lots of people all crammed into Town Square. This scene is not every dogs’ cat’s meow. Humans have the tools to remove ourselves from over stimulating and stressful situations. We have a voice and the ability to reason. Please be mindful of the environment you’re putting your pup in when you bring them along to OBFR. If your pup has a history of performing well in this type of environment and you bring them along, make sure they’re top priority when it comes to your focus and on leash at all times. It’s easy to get caught up in the Old Bill’s spirit and stop paying attention to your dog’s behavior. Know the signs of stress. If your dog is yawning a lot, licking his lips, and has a pin-straight or tucked tail, he is uncomfortable. One last question to ask yourself before attending the event with your dog is: “Am I bringing Fido for my enjoyment or for his?” It’s fun to bring your pup to public events but this is the ultimate event in terms of testing your dog, and he may be more comfortable at home.

We are so thankful for Old Bill’s Fun Run. Our eight programs heavily rely on donations made through Old Bill’s. Let’s take a look back on the last 12 months to see your dollars at work. Since last year’s OBFR we’ve issued over 1,150 spay/neuter vouchers. If half of those pets were females and produced one litter of 4, our community would have 2,300 more pets needing homes. PAWS has spent over $24,000 on emergency/unforeseen veterinary care, keeping those pets alive, healthy, and with their families. A new cat room was constructed at our SafePAWS facility for cats needing a safe haven from domestic violence. 208 hours of dog training was sponsored for the adoptable dogs at the Jackson/Teton County Animal Shelter. 150,000 mutt mitts were distributed and over 200-man hours were paid for to maintain our 23 mutt mitt stations. Our DART team has attended two training sessions ensuring they are ready to spring into action if a disaster occurs. Over 300 students participated in multiple Humane Education courses. Countless dogs enjoyed the Winter Dog Park for another season. Plus, we set up our outreach materials over 30 times promoting responsible pet ownership. Thank you for supporting us!

Meet Olive, the 702nd pet our spay/neuter voucher program has provided surgery for in 2019.


Spring 2019 Disaster Animal Response Team training.


New SAFEPAWS cat safe haven.


Humane Education participant Eli sharing a moment in class with PAWS staff dog Derby.


Kianah (pictured left) received MedFund to repair her knees as well as PAWS sponsored dog-training hours at our local shelter. She was adopted with her sister Kiska in June 2019. 

Want to help us continue our work? It’s our 20th Anniversary! We are asking every pet owner to donate $20 (or more) to keep these programs funded for another year!. See you in a few weeks!

To donate to PAWS via Old Bills: https://cfjh.iphiview.com/cfjh/DonorView/DonateNow/tabid/464/Default.aspx