Jess Farr

Jess Farr, our Program Director, brings loads of energy and passion for animals to PAWS. Prior, Jess worked for the Animal Adoption Center, as an Adoption Counselor, caring for animals and helping them find their forever homes. On a trip to Nicaragua, her travel companion asked what she would do if income was not an issue. Jess responded that she would champion spay and neuter for all the animals to reduce suffering and unwanted pets. Seven years later, the companion, Dave, is now her husband and she’s doing work to realize a better, kinder world for pets. She translates her experience in rescue to impactful projects here and in our surrounding communities. Jess is the mama to a young spaniel, Revvy, and a cat named Lil Dave. Both Revvy and Lil Dave are local rescues who share a common interest in the art of butterfly chasing.