Rachel Kay Rogers

Rachel Kay Rogers is a new and active resident of Jackson, WY. Rachel has worked for the Mary Kay Foundation in Dallas, Texas doing fundraising, seminars, speaking, and grant selection since 2005. In 2014, Rachel joined the Board of Family Directors for the Golden Rule Family Foundation where she aids in grant proposing and selection. After moving to Jackson, Rachel expanded her work in non-profit by serving as a Director of St. John’s Health Foundation. She holds a Bachelor’s degree from Concordia University in Behavioral Science and continued her studies at Southern Methodist University’s Master Liberal Arts program focusing on human rights. Rachel is a full-time mom with two young sons who enjoys skiing and being outdoors.

She has always held a special place in her heart for pets & animals. Getting to be an advocate & voice for them is why she is excited to join PAWs and make a true difference. Rachel has a spunky Brussels Griffin named Elton who even has his own Instagram @SirEltonBrussel!