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Do you like Pina Coladas?

If you like Piña Coladasand going running in the rainIf you’re not into yogaIf you’ve got dog on the brainIf you like making snacks at midnightIn your slippers in the darkI’m the dog love that you looked forTo you I will dedicate my bark.  Meet the most eligible tail wagging bachelorette in town, SADIE MAE. Sadie enjoys […]

Why adopt and not shop

Did you catch our recent article on Buckrail? October is National Adopt a Shelter Pet Month and this article will give you the details on national animal shelter stats and tips on how to find the right pet for you. Check it out: https://buckrail.com/why-adopt-and-not-shop/ You’re in the know if you follow us on Facebook and Instagram […]

Keep their PAWS away this holiday

Halloween is upon us, bring on the candy! With the holidays come an influx of enticing edibles that could be dangerous to dogs and cats. Here’s a quick recap of what to avoid: Fatty Foods One of our staff member’s fondest childhood Thanksgiving memories is walking into the dining room to find her Brittany Spaniel […]


Is it just us or has there been an influx of dogs going missing for extended periods of time? Check out these two success stories of missing dogs reuniting with their owners BECAUSE of community cooperation and effort! Miss Maggie Rose went missing from her mom at the top of Snow King on September, 26th. […]


First and foremost, THANK YOU to everyone who has been on the look out for the elusive Maggie Rose! It takes a village sometimes, and our Jackson village is really stepping up! Maggie is still on the loose! She’s been at large since Thursday, Sept 26th evening. She has been spotted on top of Snow […]

Volunteer Kennel Modifiying Workshop

Are you handy? We’re not, but even we can do this project! Our Disaster Animal Response Team (DART) needs your help in modifying our emergency shelter kennels. The kennels we have, have an interlocking system that is not very cooperative. We will be hosting a workshop on Saturday, Oct 6th from 10am-2pm at the Fair […]

Be a Part of our Local Pets’ Safety Plan

With Hurricane Florence rearing her ugly head on the East Coast and a tropical depression expected in Southern Texas and Louisiana to follow, we are hoping for the best for all walks of life, but we are especially worried about the pets. Crowded shelters in Virginia, Maryland, North Carolina, and South Carolina have been featured […]

End of Summer RUFF-DATE

Here is your end of summer PAWS RUFF-DATE. First paw first, we have updated our website! Check it out: www.pawsofjh.org. We especially love our new events page that will keep you in the know for upcoming events that we are participating in or hosting: https://pawsofjh.org/events/ As many of your blog readers know, PAWS of Jackson […]