Celebrate Valentines Day with PAWSgrams!

Introducing PAWSgram this Cupid Season! You choose the design and we text them to your special someone on Valentine’s Day! Send them anonymously, or add a short custom message. We have 8 designs for friends, loved ones, coworkers, or even your ex.

100% of the proceeds will go towards the care of our Shelter animals.

How to purchase

1. Select which grams you want and scan our Venmo code to pay $5 PER GRAM/TEXT SENT or search for us @pawsofjh-tv. One recipient = $5; Five recipients = $25.

2. Include your recipients’ phone numbers or email, and specify which gram number you want to send to whom within your Venmo payment. Add if you’d like to be anonymous or include a custom message. Make sure your payment is “private,” you’ll see that on the bottom right side of the transaction in blue text, so the Public doesn’t have access to this information. 

Venmo not your thing? You can email this information to Holly@pawsofjh.org, and we’ll send you a link to donate through our website. Make sure to include recipients’ information in your email!

And if all else fails, just give us a call and we’ll complete what you need over the phone! 307-734-2441.

We cannot guarantee that we can process same-day Valentine’s Day PAWSgrams, so get them early while they’re hot, heavy, furry, and guaranteed to land in your special someone’s inbox!