Local Pet Guardian Angel and PAWS TNR cat trapper gets some much deserved press!

Bullet and mom Aska on a backpacking trip.

If you are an active friend to local pets in need then you’ve met Aska, or at least you’ve heard her name. Did you attend this past year’s Tuxes and Tails? Yep, you know Aska.

Aska Langman is nothing short of remarkable. She and her husband Will, who often is the kitten’s keepers when Aska must take on other responsibilities that life hands her, live in Victor, Idaho and have quite the menagerie of animals.

Check out today’s News and Guide article about Aska and her life long mission: https://www.jhnewsandguide.com/valley/people/closeup/article_4715f228-a875-5257-8033-914ca3718a63.html