First and foremost, THANK YOU to everyone who has been on the look out for the elusive Maggie Rose! It takes a village sometimes, and our Jackson village is really stepping up!

Maggie is still on the loose! She’s been at large since Thursday, Sept 26th evening. She has been spotted on top of Snow King, on Pine Drive, and most recently around the Hoback Sports and Wendy’s area and the intersection of Snow King Avenue and Jackson Street. Maggie Rose is a female Schnauzer who has flipped her little domesticated doggie switch and is now very skittish of people and the sound of her name.

How can YOU help? If you see Maggie please remain calm and move slowly. Toss her irresistible snacks: cheese, cold cuts, etc and see if she’ll come close. Try and lead her into a contained area such as a backyard, your house, a shop, or your car so you contain her and prevent her from escaping. She does LOVE dogs. If you have a friendly pup and you see her, have your dog go greet her and try and gain her trust. Once they’re together call your dog into a contained area, hopefully with Maggie will follow.

Please call her mom Debbie with any information: 979-820-4718

Spread the word. She’s been on the loose long enough!