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free Mutt Mitts given away


dogs served at Sophie’s Place
Dog Park and the winter dog park.


spay and neuter
vouchers yearly


pets given safe shelter
from domestic violence


Disaster Animal Response
Team volunteers trained annually.


lives saved through
MedFund assistance.


shelter pets assisted
with funding, medical care,
dog training, & more.


puppies and kittens prevented
by our spay surgeries alone

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COVID Pet Fund

With COVID-19 and all the challenges it has brought, we are seeing a dramatic increase in demand for our programs. People are unable to work and are having to make difficult decisions about care for their pets. We launched PAWS COVID Pet Fund to help people in need during this crisis. The fund will cover:

  • Free Spay/Neuter vouchers
  • Financial assistance for veterinary bills: this will now cover all vet bills including vaccinations and we will have more flexibility on how much money we can offer people
  • Pet Food vouchers to help pay for pet food and supplies: These will be accepted at a variety of local pet stores and grocery stores in Jackson, Teton Valley and Star Valley.
  • Emergency pet boarding: If you fall ill and need hospitalization or cannot otherwise care for your pets, PAWS will help pay for boarding at all the local boarding facilities.

PAWS of Jackson Hole is Keeping pets and their people together in this crisis. If you need any other assistance, please don’t hesitate to call PAWS or email info@pawsofjh.org.


Trap Neuter Return


Within our three communities, Star Valley, Jackson, and Teton Valley, thousands of feral and stray cats roam freely and breed rapidly. Communicable diseases run rampant through these communities as they are easily transmitted through bites and breeding. These cats suffer due to disease, the elements, predation, and lack of food.

If you have feral or stray cats on your property, apply for our TNR program. Once we have your permission, the PAWS Trap-Neuter-Return (TNR) team will set humane traps on your property. Traps are set at night and checked in the morning. The captured cats are transferred to a local vet to be assessed and spayed/neutered. After recovery cats are returned to their property. This program is free and we simply ask property owners to provide adequate shelter, food, and water for the cats.



Muffie Becks MedFund

Financial assistance for unexpected veterinary bills.

Whether a pet has an unfortunate accident or a sudden illness, this can sometimes mean financial hardship for local families. Our goal with this program is to reduce suffering and ensure that all local pets have access to veterinary care. This program is essential in keeping pets and their people together and in keeping our local shelter populations under control.

Local resident Hank Becks founded the Muffie Becks MedFund (named for his late wife) to help local families and their pets. The MedFund helps pay vet bills for stray pets and provides funding for individuals who are unable to pay their vet bills in Jackson, WY, Star Valley, WY and Teton Valley, ID.

Residents of our three local communities can apply here for MedFund and can use the program one time.

Spay & Neuter

Free or low-cost spay and neuter vouchers for local pets.

Spaying and neutering our pets is the single most important thing we can do to reduce the pet over-population crisis in the US. This is a financial assistance program which provides free or low cost vouchers to residents of Teton County, WY, Teton County, ID and Star Valley, WY. Just fill out the application and a PAWS representative will call you to discuss voucher options.

Please be sure to check in with your local veterinarian before using a voucher. Thanks to this program our local shelter populations are lower than they have ever been!


SafePAWS Coney's Cottage sign


A safe haven for pets of victims of domestic abuse.

Studies show a clear link between domestic violence, child abuse, and abuse of animals. With more than 70% of women entering shelters reporting that their abusive partner also abused the pet, the SafePAWS shelter ensures that pets are not left behind in a violent home.

PAWS and Community Safety Network help protect pets and their people with a custom pet facility on the CSN campus. When we built the shelter in 2010, we were one of only 27 domestic violence shelters in the U.S. accepting pets. Today hundreds of domestic violence shelters allow pets because they know that pets are valuable members of the family and they are vulnerable to abuse. This is one of the many ways PAWS helps keep pets and their people together during crisis.

Call us for more information about SafePAWS. If you are seeking shelter for you and your pet, please call Community Safety Network at (307) 733-3711.

Disaster Animal Response Team (DART)

A pop-up shelter for local pets during a disaster.

PAWS of Jackson Hole’s DART Team is part of the Teton County Emergency Management response. If a natural disaster strikes our area, Emergency Management will activate PAWS to care for our community’s pets. The state-of-the-art Disaster Animal Response Team (DART) trailer is stocked with equipment and supplies needed to care for more than 150 local pets during an evacuation. Provisions inside the trailer allow us to construct a temporary animal shelter, along with food, water, medical necessities, crates, bowls, leashes, administrative supplies and cleaning equipment.

PAWS trains DART volunteers annually in case of emergency. Volunteers learn all the skills needed to run a temporary disaster animal shelter. See our Volunteer page to join our team!

Sherlter Fund

The Shelter Fund

Grant funding which supports our local animal shelters.

We are not a shelter but have close relationships with our local animal shelters. Caring for animals is time-consuming and our local shelter staff members stay busy cleaning kennels, feeding, exercising, and meeting with prospective adopters. They don’t have the resources to fundraise. That’s where we come in – fundraising and granting money to fill the gaps in services and facility needs.

We’ve supported Jackson/Teton County Animal Shelter, The Animal Humane Association of Star Valley, and Teton Valley Community Animal Shelter by providing funding for dog training, adoption promotion, computers, software, and for large capital improvements to shelter facilities. Through generous donor support, PAWS has provided more than $650,000 in grants and amenities to our local shelters.


PAWS is advocating for a permanent dog park in Jackson Hole

Dog Park

Advocates for a permanent dog park in town.

PAWS partners with Parks & Rec each winter on a temporary dog park from December through March at the Teton County Fairgrounds. PAWS and the Parks & Recreation Department make sure that there is a fenced area with mutt mitt stations and waste receptacles so you and your dog can have a safe, clean space to socialize in the wintertime.

Discussions of a future year-round dog park continue. Give us a call if you’d like to be involved!

Two Border Collies and the owner on a bike

Education and Outreach

Trail ambassadors and outreach events promote good dogs and healthy communities.

PAWS knows that good dogs on shared trails and pathways create kind and considerate community interactions. This is why PAWS runs comprehensive education and outreach programming designed to foster good dogs, great owners, and healthy communal spaces. Each year, we have a team of trained Trail Ambassadors out on trails rewarding good behavior and spreading the “PAWS-itivity.” We even work with our local, friendly poop-fairy to be sure people are scooping with a smile! Want to join our volunteer Trail Ambassador team? Just click on the Volunteer button.

You can also look for our promotional videos on this site, on social media outlets and at the movie theaters. These fun, informative pieces remind everyone to be courteous and responsible when out with their pets.

Plus, we are thrilled to be partnering with elementary schools in Star Valley, WY and Teton Valley, ID on a humane education program which teaches kids about caring for pets.


Cleaner trails through 150,000 free mutt mitts every year.

PAWS Mutt Mitts

Cleaner trails through 150,000 free mutt mitts every year.

Our community loves the outdoors and our shared trails, pathways and public spaces are better because of mutt mitts. More than 75 mutt mitt stations in Teton County service 10,000 dogs and their owners. The stations are paid for and managed by PAWS, Parks & Recreation, Pathways, and various business and HOAs. Mutt mitts are free to everyone!

Each year, PAWS contributes 150,000 free mutt mitts to our community. To date, we’ve distributed 2.2 million free mutt mitts in the 25 stations we manage around town! We also sell mutt mitts and stations to local businesses and HOAs ($125 for a mutt mitt station and $12 for a sleeve of 100 mutt mitts). Call us if you’d like to install a mutt mitt station in your neighborhood.

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