PAWS is advocating for a permanent dog park in Jackson Hole

Jackson/Teton County Parks & Recreation has big plans for dog parks in Jackson!

July 2021 status: 3 Dog Park Conditional Use Permits are in Pre-Application with the Town of Jackson Planning Department

Here is a recap of the proposals:

  • In 2017, the Town/County hired a 3rd party consultant. GreenPlay, LLC to assess the Parks & Rec system and develop a strategic plan for Parks & Rec.
    • The process included comprehensive community surveys, focus groups, stakeholder interviews, and public forums. The result was a strategic plan which was adopted by the Town Council in late 2018.
    • In this plan, dog parks were identified by the community as a high-priority need. Because of this input, the plan recommends development of multiple dog parks within 2-years.
  • The Parks & Rec Advisory Board voted unanimously in favor of moving a 1-acre off-leash dog area in May Park to a Conditional Use Permit in 2018, after a comprehensive, robust public input process. The Parks & Rec staff was directed by the board to start the process with the Town of Jackson.
  • Throughout 2019-2020, due to COVID, the process paused.
  • In 2021, Parks & Rec received feedback from the Town Council that there would be support for a multi-dog park approach. From there, 2 additional off-leash areas were approved by the P&R Board added to the CUP application.
  • The Planning Department is currently reviewing 3 CUP applications for off-leash dog areas as follows:
    • 1 acre in May Park (a large dog area and space for small dogs)
    • .15 acre in Miller Park
    • .30 acre in Powderhorn Park
  • This approach supports the community’s input that 1) dog parks belong in the parks & rec system and 2) spreading out the use with help minimize congestion in any one neighborhood.
  • PAWS, while not leading this discussion, is in full support of Parks & Rec and their direction. We have offered to fund the development and future ongoing management of approved dog parks.
  • There have been questions regarding the deed restriction in place at May Park, specifically.
  • The May Park deed restriction, which the May family wrote and signed stipulates only that: “The property conveyed shall be utilized for public park purposes only, but with attendant recreational uses and facilities such as playgrounds, picnic areas, ballparks, etc.” Any representation to the contrary is simply not true.
  • This is an 11-acre property, owned by the Town of Jackson, deed-restricted for public park use. The Parks & Rec department is overwhelmed by programming needs. The development of this property will be a huge win for the community.