Two Border Collies and the owner on a bike

Trail ambassadors and outreach events promote good dogs and healthy communities.

PAWS knows that good dogs on shared trails and  pathways create kind and considerate community interactions. This is why PAWS runs comprehensive education and outreach programming designed to foster good dogs, great owners, and healthy communal spaces. Each year, we have a team of trained Trail Ambassadors out on trails rewarding good behavior and spreading the “PAWS-itivity.” We even work with our local, friendly poop-fairies to be sure people are scooping with a smile! Want to join our volunteer Trail Ambassador team? Just click on the Volunteer button.

You can also look for our promotional videos . These fun, informative pieces remind everyone to be courteous and responsible when out with their pets.

Plus, we are thrilled to be partnering with elementary schools in Star Valley, WY and Teton Valley, ID on a humane education program which teaches kids about caring for pets.