Outreach events, public education, and partnership with Teton Valley Trails and Pathways helps promote proper pet care and responsible trail etiquette on dog friendly trails.

PAWS knows that harmonious use of our multi-use trails and pathways systems is to key to everyone’s safety and enjoyment while out recreating. This is why PAWS runs comprehensive education and outreach programming designed to foster good dogs, great owners, and healthy communal spaces. We partner with TVTAP and other partners to promote responsible trail usage from all users.

You can also look for our promotional videos and ads on social media. These fun, informative pieces remind everyone to be courteous and responsible when out with their pets. Plus, we are thrilled to have started a partnership in 2018 with Rendezvous Upper Elementary School providing 4 weeks of Compassion Education programming annually to their entire student body teaching students how to care for pets and become junior pet advocates in their community. Interested in bringing a PAWS staff educator to your classroom button or email Jess@pawsofjh.org